Health Lifestyle in Singapore
Health Lifestyle in Singapore

Vegetarian Lifestyle: Take a Closer Look

In Singapore, vegetarian restaurant and vegetarian food stalls are very common as more and more people are becoming vegetarians.  There is a dramatic change in the public eating style in recent years. To these people, living a vegetarian lifestyle is not a challenge but an enjoyment that they love to cherish in their life.

While living as a vegetarian, some vegetarian people actively participate in animal right activities, too.

Although most vegetarians admit that there is nothing unusual in their vegetarian lifestyle, some vegetarians experience different controversies due to their eating preference.

We will try to explore different aspects of vegetarian lifestyle.

Food Content
Many people wonder about vegetarian lifestyle and their food selection. In most of the cases, a person may switch to vegetarian lifestyle simply because they want to avoid the excessive quantity of hormones that are available in chicken, pork and beef products. A vegetarian diet is rich with vegetables, however, maintaining a perfect balance to meet the needs for all nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Child Rights Controversy
There is an ongoing controversy between child right activists and vegetarian individuals. Child right activists claim that if a child is forced to maintain vegetarian lifestyle due to their vegetarian parents, it violates child rights, since the child can not obtain carbohydrates and protein in an adequate fashion in this specific lifestyle. Moreover, the activists claim that if the child is growing in a vegetarian family, the child needs to be fed with at least a small amount of meat everyday.

Food Pyramid
This is a concept that comes out as a guideline for those people interested in maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle. This guideline helps people to design their diet according to their own preference while fulfilling the needs of essential nutrients in the body. It suggests having at least 10-14 servings per day comprised of fruits and vegetables. Although it looks much, but our body needs a wide variety of nutrients daily, so we need to consume a lot in vegetarian lifestyle.

Healthy LifestyleSignificance
Although vegetarians claim that switching on vegetarian from non-vegetarian lifestyle gives them the flexibility to attain optimum health, it is still a subject of ongoing debate. In fact, both the sides have their specific benefits and none of them are actually able to overshadow other.

However, switching to vegetarian lifestyle definitely brings a peace in mind, since no animal is dying simply because we need to feed ourselves.